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Why Facebook change on February 1st doesn’t affect WP4FB

Last month Facebook announced that the App Profile Pages will be removed on February 1st 2012. Ever since this announcement, people have asked us what this means for the use of WP4FB and their custom fan pages.

The answer is: this Facebook change doesn’t have any negative effects on WP4FB.

What is an “App Profile Page”?

When you create a custom fan page with WP4FB, you need to create an Facebook application in which WP4FB will be loaded. Currently (until February 1st 2012) each of these apps will have their own Profile Page, which will be located at something like

This is a page outside your fan page, showing the content of your application. For the use of WP4FB, this page is irrelevant. You (the creator of the app) will visit this page once to insert the application into your fan page. No other user/fan will ever visit the App Profile Page when you’re using WP4FB.

In other words, currently (until February 1st 2012) every custom fan page is shown twice on once as a App Profile Page (which will be deleted), once as custom tab inside your Facebook fan page (which will remain).

So custom fan pages will still be working?

Absolutely. Even better, it’s what Facebook wants. They don’t want separate Application Pages, they want these pages to be included in fan pages (which is exactly the goal of WP4FB). For Facebook App Developers that don’t have a fan page yet, they say they’ll need to migrate the App Profile Page to “an existing Facebook Page with the same name and Product/App category.”

What will change?

The only thing that (effectively) changes, is the way to connect WP4FB with your fan page.

Before, WP4FB user had to visit the App Profile Page to include the WP4FB page into their fan page. Since that page will be gone, Facebook invented another way of including the WP4FB page into your fan page.

After you set up your Facebook App, replace the bold parts in the following URL with your Facebook App settings:

Now go ahead and visit the URL. You’ll see a popup window which will look similar to the one below, from where you can insert the WP4FB page into your fan page:

To sum up

In short, Facebook wants to include all applications into fan pages, which is exactly what WP4FB is doing all along.

The only thing that changes, is the way of inclusion when you (the fan page owner) is setting up WP4FB.

[message_box type=”note” icon=”yes” close=”Hide”]An extensive guide to include WP4FB pages into your Facebook fan page can be found in the WP4FB Pro/Agency members area.[/message_box]

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Hi – I have just downloaded the lite version

Instructions on this page

I think are out of date therefore.

Can you update these – I would like to buy but I obviously can’t until I am happy I can get the lite version working.


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umm – so are you writing them ?

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