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3 Downsides of Pagemodo, Involver, Shortstack, Woobox & Lujure

Over the last few years there have been a zillion companies that started a service to create custom Facebook tabs or Facebook Applications. Each of these services have their own pros and cons, but at the end of the day all of these services have a few major flaws in their system.

Even though there are many alternatives in the market, there are a few players that seem to be most popular:

Please note that even though we’re mentioning 7 companies, this article is not targeted at these specific companies alone. There are plenty of alternatives out there, of which most of them have the same shortcomings.


The first downside of these Facebook Tab services is that they cost money. A LOT!

Instead of charging a one-time-fee (such as WP4FB 3.0) they charge each and every month that you’re using their service.

To give you an idea of their paid pricing plans:

  • Fan Page Engine: $27 – $97 a month ($324 – $1164 a year!)
  • Pagemodo: $6.25 – $33.25 a month ($75 – $399 a year!)
  • Involver: ?
  • Shortstack: $15 – $300 a month ($180 – $3000 a year!)
  • Woobox: $10 – $249 a month ($120 – $2988 a year!)
  • Lujure: $30 – $300 a month ($360 – $3600 a year!)
  • Tabsite: $10 – $25 a month ($100 – $250 a year!)
We don’t make this up – these are numbers we just found at their website (prices might change over time).
For some people that’s not a lot of money – for others it isn’t. However, when you compare it to a fixed fee of $67 – $197 (depending on the license model) and you’ll have no limitations at all – the prices of the mentioned services are quite steep.

Limited features

No – we’re not saying these services won’t be of any use. In fact, they’re packed with loads of cool features! Truly awesome stuff.

However, using these services you’ll always be limited to the features that they’ve implemented in their software. You won’t have the luxury of installing any of the 21,192 WordPress plugins to create the most unique Facebook application out there.

When you’re a more advanced user and want to implement some of your own “stuff” into your Facebook apps, you’ll have a problem as well..


Regardless of the fact that you’re already paying them, we’ve seen many Facebook tabs that still have their branding on them. That’s right, their logo on your Facebook Application. We haven’t tested the paid services recently so we can’t say which packages still show their branding – but we do know that we’d never want something like that on our Facebook landing pages.

Facebook, meet WordPress

And then there was WordPress!

WordPress it’s known for it’s extensive community that build an enormous amount of WordPress plugins and themes, making sure that almost everything imaginable is possible.

Since we’re also WordPress fanatics, we created the No. 1 WordPress plugin for Facebook, called WP4FB 3.0.

Using this plugin you’re able to create custom Facebook Tabs without any of the limitations mentioned above.

  • No monthly fees. Buy today and use forever.
  • Unlimited possibilities. Even if we don’t provide the features you’re looking for, another WordPress plugin will.
  • No WP4FB branding. We don’t put our name on your fan pages. Period.

How does that sound? Have a look at all of the details of WP4FB 3.0 here.

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Dennis J. Smith

I totally agree that WordPress along with iFrames is the best way to go. I would rather have the flexibility and control over my pages and not have to pay monthly fees that add up. It’s also the best solution to offer your clients if you design fan pages for a living.

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this post interesting, long-term costs can be enormous with the platforms listed, it would be great to also develop templates adapted to mobile devices as it does Shortstack, this is a trend that moved very fast and large and small will benefit local business .

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Lise —

Great article. I’d like to see a post about what plugins other folks are using for their integrations, etc. Any examples?


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    I build directory portals for a living and use a plugin that produces vouchers in which users (merchants) can modify at will and connect to either facebook or an autoresponder acct. for future marketing.

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Victor —

I was able to replicate all my clients tabs from another platform to my WordPress site powered with WP4FB. If you know how to use WordPress, you don’t need any of the mentiones platforms, and forget about paying monthly high rates for a white label solution!. WP4FB is a no brainer if you design fan pages for clients, no doubt.

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sal —

can I use this in wordpress even though i won’t be using wordpredss for anything else

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All great points!

I’d like to add a fourth which to me is something I consider when considering any 3rd-party service.

How long will they be around? What will happen to my “investment” if they go away like 95% of companies do in the first five years?

Do you really want your FB pages subject to disappearing because of another company’s poor management?

Truly the way to go. Great implementation of a great concept.

Thanks for a great product at a great cost.

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cyril —

Read your blog, realized it was a promotion for your own solution. Found it convincing enough. Clicked to visit your site and I get a pop-up which says:

_ _ _ _
Wait! Want To See How To Go Viral On Facebook?
1. The Exact “Viral Formula” Explained
2. What Everyone Else Is Doing Wrong
3. How I Reached 31,486 People in 3 days
– – – – –
I don’t know what to add to that. Good luck.

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steven kiges —

This is a very good article if and a big if, these apps are mobile friendly. A friend of mine doing lots of FB advertising is finding 70% of his traffic is mobile. Does anyone know?

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rct —

How’s it sound?
Like a massive ad for WordPress..

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Michael —

It’s too bad WP4FB no longer works 🙁

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deco vintage

Good writing and article, but I would like some exemples…

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