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The Perfect Fanpage Profile Picture (+ FREE PSD)

[message_box type=”note” icon=”yes” close=”Hide”]When this post was post was published, WP4FB was only a simple WordPress theme that is not comparable to the current WP4FB WordPress plugin. The current plugin is a completely new product with many new features. Therefore, this post may be outdated.[/message_box]I don’t have to tell you how extremely powerful Facebook Fan Pages can be. It’s massive, and many people have generated thousands of dollars using them. But did you know how important a good profile picture is for your fan page? A large proportion of a fan page’s first impression is based on the profile picture, so you better make good use of it.

In this post I want to give away some tips on how to make the perfect fan page profile picture, as well as a FREE profile picture which you can use however you like, so keep on reading!

Make use of the size

The maximum size of a profile picture is 180 x 540 pixels. It’s proven (with eye-tracking) that visitors will start looking at the top-left corner of your page. Exactly, that’s where your profile picture is! That’s why you should make good use of that profile picture, instead of going for just a 100px logo.

However, when you’re using multiple tabs (which appear under the profile picture) you should make sure the page navigation appears above the fold (thus make your profile picture slightly smaller than 540px).

Include core benefits

As mentioned, the profile picture is the first thing users will see when they visit your fan page. If you want to communicate a message through your fan page, make sure to include it in your profile picture. This can be a key selling point of the product that you’re trying to sell, but if you’re aiming for likes you should communicate WHY they should like your page? What will they get once they like it, how will it improve their life? Remember: keep it simple.

Create a striking thumbnail

When creating a profile picture, you need to take into account that a part of the picture will be used as a thumbnail, which will be shown every time you post something. Assuming that your profile picture is 180px wide, Facebook will use 155 x 155 for the avatar.

In order to seduce people into clicking to your fan page, you need to make sure that this thumbnail on itself gets the attention right away. No idea how to improve the CTR of these thumbnails? Here are just a few  basic ideas:

  • Bright colors
  • Non-professional images (Facebook users don’t like “professional” looking ads or images)
  • YouTube play buttons
  • Optical illusions
  • Basically anything that stands out 🙂

I would – however – use pictures that are related within your niche to get relevant clicks.

Once you uploaded your profile picture, you can set your avatar from the following page (starting at your fan page): Edit Page > Profile Picture > Edit Thumbnail.

Include social proof

Liking a fan page on Facebook is a social interaction. Adding social proof to your profile picture helps to convince visitors to like your page. You can do this by adding a short testimonial (e.g. “Definitely the best guide I’ve read in years!”), the number of fans or media coverage (e.g. “as seen on CNN”).

Directing attention to the like button

If you want people to click on the like button, make sure to get their attention at the like button. An obvious way to do this is by adding a bright arrow that points to the like button.

A more subliminal – but very powerful – way to direct the attention to the like button is with humans faces. Various researches have shown that a the human eye follows the view of a shown face. The following image demonstrates the difference quite well:

Free PSD Profile Picture

In addition to this post I’ve created a free Fan Page profile picture. You can do whatever you want with it (edit, republish, sell, etc). To download the free PSD I ask you to share this post on Facebook or Twitter. In return, you’ll be able to download the PSD automatically!

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Gilles Vitu : Web 2.0

Just made my new Fanpage profile picture from your free PSD…
Thanks !

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Hans Anders

Enjoy your stay in Sydney. Great place.
Really like your template !


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thank you for sharing the cool design.

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Your PSD offer is a good one. I also like the process you use to get your value prop “shared” and how your FB app automatically req. the allow and auto downloads the PSD zip file. Strong work!

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Wow! Very nice. Thanx for sharing it!

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this design seems good. thank you very much for sharing this.

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