The most powerful Facebook Fan Page tool on the planet...

The best part about WP4FB 3.0 is that it takes your brand viral.

And we’re not just talking about a simple “share” button here…

Or a lonely “like” button…

After all, a “like” button is pointless if there’s no one around to click it….

WP4FB 3.0. gives you access to an entire host of groundbreaking and innovative tools that will MAKE SURE your brand spreads like wildfire.
Now, each new fan can very easily multiply into 100 more fans. And each of those new fans has the potential to multiply into 100 additional fans on top of that. It adds up very quickly…

Of course, we know you’re probably a little skeptical. After all, the word “viral” is thrown around pretty loosely these days….

And there are a lot of unscrupulous hustlers out there who promise to “blow up your Facebook page,” then leave you with a dud.

So let us put your fears to rest by giving you a complete list of all the incredible viral marketing tools WP4FB 3.0 includes. Once you read through these, you’ll have no doubt that this is hands-down, the best viral Facebook marketing tool in the world.

WP4FB 3.0 Features Include:

Drag and Drop Visual Designer

Build customized Fan Page templates by simply dragging and dropping! This incredible visual editor gives you the ability to create virtually any design that you want, and do so in just seconds. It’s the guaranteed easiest way to make every Fan Page unique and impactful.

Premium Templates

You can’t afford to have a second-rate Fan Page. Especially when your competitors have paid thousands of dollars to make their pages look so ridiculously slick. That’s why we’ve included 10 new premium templates in WP4FB 3.0.

Each one can be implemented with a single click, and gives you a Fortune 500 level design for a fraction of the price. Best of all, each template is fully customizable – just drag-and-drop to create the page design you like best.


This is one of the best-known and proven techniques to get more people to “like” your fan page. FanGate makes it so non-fans can only access your full Fan Page once they’ve clicked the “like” button. This guarantees you a lot more “likes,” and will introduce thousands of additional people to your brand.

Think of FanGate as the bouncer standing outside the door of your Facebook Fan Page…


This is one of the most viral features you will ever find for Facebook…

FriendGate lets you reward fans for referring their friends to your Fan Page. You do this by simply creating exclusive content, and not letting fans have access to it until they’ve referred a certain number of friends, who must also try to get access to it.

Imagine if you have some valuable piece of content like a coupon or free download, and the only way your fans can get it is by referring their friends. The viral power of this tool is almost incomprehensible.


Facebook users love sweepstakes. Why? Because they get a chance to win something of value for free. They’ll go nuts trying to win sweepstakes, and they’ll tell all of their friends about it too.

Sweepstakes are one of the best ways to increase Facebook page engagement, spread the word about your brand, and grow your fan base substantially. Unfortunately, the only way to host one on your Fan Page is by using expensive services that charge a monthly fee…

Until now!

WP4FB 3.0 lets you easily create the same professional sweepstakes campaigns that the big boys use, almost instantly. Even better, it lets you set the rules so that each fan’s chance of winning increases by the number of friends they refer.

Think about that: When people want to win your sweepstakes, they’ll do everything they possibly can to refer friends to your page. Set up a simple sweepstakes and you can quadruple your fan count in minutes.


When you use ShareGate, your fans will need to share a message on their wall in order to unlock featured content, such as an ebook, or coupon. The message they share then links back to your page, for all their friends to see!

The great thing about ShareGate is that it doesn’t require the user to authorize the application. Sharing is automatic, giving you an absurd conversion rate.


Just like ShareGate, this feature locks content and only lets fans view it after inviting additional friends to your Fan Page. It’s the perfect way to build your fan base.

Viral Comments

What if every time a user commented on your custom page, a message linking back to your page got posted on their wall? That’s exactly what Viral Comments does…

Each time a user posts on your page, you place a branded message on their wall for all of their friends to see. It’s a surefire way to generate massive organic traffic.

Auto Wall Poster

One of the best ways to boost your viral reach is to automatically post messages on each user’s Facebook wall.

With WP4FB 3.0, now you can. And you can specify exactly when you want these messages to be triggered.

Did a user just join your sweepstakes? Post automatically.
Did your user just request access to a freebie? Post automatically.
Did your user just join your contest? Post automatically.

And here’s the really great part: Each message is posted under the user’s name.

In other words, when Bob joins your sweepstakes, you can make it so that he automatically posts to his wall, telling his friends about it. And because the post is coming directly from Bob, his friends will be much more likely to pay attention. No other plugin does anything like this…

Responsive Email List Builder

It doesn’t take a marketing guru to realize that a good email list leads to a lot of money. Your list is your chance to send out personalized messages, special offers, and important product information to a hoard of receptive customers. 9 out of 10 times, the people making the most money online are the ones who have the best list. So how’s your list?

Well it’s about to get a lot better, thanks to WP4FB 3.0’s Responsive Email List Builder. This revolutionary tool lets you add an opt-in button to your Fan Page, and sucks up your fan’s most active email address (the one they created their FB account with). The best part? They don’t even need to fill out their email address or name.

Responsive Email List Builder is the best way to add massive volume to your list without performing any extra work. It’s as simple as the click of a button.

Welcome Page 3.0

When Facebook introduced Timeline, they killed their Welcome Pages. These pages were great for closing customers, so it really stinks that they’re gone now right?

Wrong. Thanks to WP4FB 3.0, you can still show welcome pages, giving you the power to convert each visitor into a lifelong customer. Here’s how it works:

Each time someone is referred to your Fan Page via one of the WP4FB 3.0’s amazing viral tools, you can set it so that they go to your specially designed welcome page. You can also set this welcome page to appear when driving traffic to your page from your website, email list or Facebook Ads.

Optimized Wall Messages

There are over a billion messages posted on Facebook each day. It’s great that people are communicating, but it also means that standing out from the crowd is more difficult than ever. That’s why WP4FB 3.0 gives you the ability to customize every single message your Fan Page generates.

In other words, now you have the ability to create eye-popping messages that get read. It’s the perfect way to distinguish your business from the competition.

Short Codes

We understand that the simpler it is to use something, the more powerful it can be. So to remove some stress from your life, we’ve created over 20 easy-to-use short codes for WP4FB 3.0. Simply pick the feature you wish to be included. It’s that easy.

Our Short Codes Include:

  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Multiple Column Support
  • Facebook Send Button
  • Facebook Like Button
  • Styled Bullet Point Lists
  • Video Implementation
  • Facebook Share Button
  • Facebook Invite Button
  • Other Social Media Buttons (Twitter, etc)
  • And many others!

Create Unlimited Tabs

Want to make your Fan Page a one-stop-shop for informing, engaging, and selling to customers? Well now you can with WP4FB 3.0. Our plugin provides you with the ability to create unlimited tabs on your Fan Page. Each tab will give you the power to create dynamic content, keeping customers on your page for longer. To add each tab, simply click the “add to page” button included in WP4FB 3.0, and you’re good to go.

Image Slider

By adding our stunning image slider to your Fan Page, you can really separate your brand from the competition. To use it, just drag-and-drop your images into WordPress, and WP4FB 3.0 will do the rest. Now, you’ll have a professional and structured looking Fan Page that impresses visitors and keeps them engaged.

Timeline Contest

With this latest version of WP4FB, you will be able to implement an online contest that will reach your target people even those who use mobile when on Facebook. This new feature is perfect if you run a contest on your Facebook page and you are targeting mobile users as well.

VIP Members Section

When you choose to invest in WP4FB 3.0, you’ll get all of the additional support you need through our VIP Member Section. VIP Member content includes:

  • A step-by-step training video covering exactly how to install WP4FB 3.0, and how each feature works. Our plugin is already extremely simple to use, but this video makes it even easier.
  • Special access to other important videos that go beyond technical usage, and train you on important subjects like how to increase your Facebook fan base, and how to implement sweepstakes and contests.
  • A year of free upgrades, so that you always have the most current, and most powerful, version of WP4FB 3.0.


100% WordPress & Facebook Compatibility

WP4FB 3.0 is a true WordPress Plugin. It supports the use of widgets, works from within the WP dashboard, and enables you to implement virtually anything to your fan page by using additional WordPress plugins. The possibilities are limitless.
WP4FB3.0 is optimized to work flawlessly on Facebook. It’s SSL compatible, and fits perfectly with their software development kit (SDK). Best of all, it’s made with Facebook’s Timeline feature in mind. The result is that everything you do in the plugin translates seamlessly onto Facebook.

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