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Is your Facebook fan page HTTPS-ready?

Besides visible changes (such as the modified news feed and new ‘timeline’ profiles) Facebook announced that all Facebook applications need to use a secure SSL (Secure Socked Layer) connection. Applications and fan pages that do not meet this requirement on October 1st 2011 will be disabled.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if your custom Facebook fan page is not using a secured SSL connection, your custom fan page will be disabled on October 1st as well. Your fan page (your wall etc) will still exist, but your custom fan page will probably be disabled by Facebook, or at least show a warning message before users can enter.

How to check whether your fan page is HTTPS-ready?

Testing this is quite easy. Here’s what to do:

  1. Log in into your Facebook account, and navigate to the security tab inside your Facebook account settings.
  2. Enable secured browsing.
  3. Log out from Facebook, and log back in again. You’ll notice that you’ll be using Facebook using instead of
  4. Navigate to your custom fan pages.

When you can see your custom fan pages right away, your fan page is HTTPS-ready. If it’s not HTTPS-ready, you’ll see the following error message:

When you see this error message, your custom fan page could be disabled on October 1st. In other words, make sure your fan page is HTTPS-proof as soon as possible!

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We’ve created clear video instructions for WP4FB Pro and WP4FB Agency users to make sure your fan page is 100% HTTPS-proof. Log into the members area after purchasing to watch the video.


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Ed Hecht —

Thanks. Invaluable info!

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Marwan Salfiti

looking for my username and password for wp4fb and i cannot find it anywhere. Is there a member’s only link so that I can reset my password to take advantage of the tutorial? Thanks,

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    Wilco —

    You mean when you login to the members area? When loggin in, there is a link below the login field that’s called: “Lost your password?”. Click on that to proceed! 🙂

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Very nice considering most other platforms charge an arm and a leg for this. I do have one important question ?

I’m interested in creating fbfp for clients, and I want to use only ONE wordpress installation. Can this be done ? I have SSL installed on a domain name I plan on using just for facebook fan pages.

Please advise and thank you

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I had also heard about using a secure connection SSL. Thank you for sharing this information, I will share with my colleagues.

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