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How To Fix The App Alert – February 2013 Breaking Changes

Did you ever created a Facebook application (in the Facebook Developers area)? (If you are using WP4FB 3.0, you most certainly did). This morning Facebook sent out a warning to notify all  Facebook App owners about the “February 2013 Breaking Changes” that are coming up. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you’r…

Free Facebook Welcome Page Template (PSD Download)

Several people have asked us to share a template that could function as a Facebook Welcome Page (using the FanGate feature). That’s exactly what we got for you today!

We created a free PSD file that you fits right into your Facebook Tab, so you can use it on your FanGate page (or: welcome page).

This Facebook Page template is 100% free. All we ask is some Twitter or Facebook love by…

The Complete Guide for Facebook Developers: How to add a Privacy Policy to your Apps

When you read through the Facebook Platform Policies, you’ll notice that every Facebook App that stores, uses or receives data should have a privacy policy that tells users what user data you are going to use and how you will use, display, share or transfer data.

When you have a Facebook Tab inside your Facebook fan page, you might be “transferring data” as well and thus need to add a Privacy…

3 Downsides of Pagemodo, Involver, Shortstack, Woobox & Lujure

Over the last few years there have been a zillion companies that started a service to create custom Facebook tabs or Facebook Applications. Each of these services have their own pros and cons, but at the end of the day all of these services have a few major flaws in their system.

Even though there are many alternatives in the market, there are a few players that seem to be most…

WP4FB 3.0 is LIVE

Yes – we did it!

WP4FB 3.0 is now reality.

There’s no other WordPress plugin that can do what this plugin can do. And yes – we’re proud of that!

“So, what’s new about WP4FB 3.0?”, you might ask.. Well, a lot. I’ll just keep it to the basics in this post, but I’d recommend going through all the features or have a look at the story behind WP4FB 3.0.

We’ll just name some of the new…

5 reasons why the new Facebook Apps are Far From Dead

Instead, they’re more powerful than ever!
Ever since Facebook changed the fan pages to the new Timeline interface earlier this month, people have argued that the new Facebook Apps (previously known as Facebook Tabs) wouldn’t be as valuable anymore. Some people even exaggerated and said the Facebook Apps/Tabs are dead..

Fortunately, this is far from true. Facebook Apps are now more powerfu…

7 Big Brands that created Beautiful Timeline Pages within the hour

About one hour ago Facebook started rolling out, as expected, its timeline for pages. Who thought that big brands are by definition is about to be proven wrong: I’ve already spotted 7 major brands that have switched to Timeline within the hour. Of course some brands (such as Coca Cola) were already testing timeline for a while, but…

The Future of Facebook Timeline – facts & rumours

Tomorrow Facebook will most likely announce an updated version of their Fan Pages called Facebook Timeline. We strongly believe that with change comes opportunity, and we want you to profit from these opportunities as well. Therefore we’re not just waiting around hoping for the best. Instead, we’re already working on an improved version of our WordPress for Facebook-plugin that will add a…

Why Facebook change on February 1st doesn’t affect WP4FB

Last month Facebook announced that the App Profile Pages will be removed on February 1st 2012. Ever since this announcement, people have asked us what this means for the use of WP4FB and their custom fan pages.

The answer is: this Facebook change doesn’t have any negative effects on WP4FB.

What is an “App Profile Page”?
When you create a custom fan page with WP4FB, you need to create an…

Is your Facebook fan page HTTPS-ready?

Besides visible changes (such as the modified news feed and new ‘timeline’ profiles) Facebook announced that all Facebook applications need to use a secure SSL (Secure Socked Layer) connection. Applications and fan pages that do not meet this requirement on October 1st 2011 will be disabled.

What does this mean for you?
This means that if your custom Facebook fan page is not using a secured SSL…

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